Founded in 1991, the mission of the Albuquerque Girl Choir is to provide a positive musical experience for girls as they learn music fundamentals through vocal training and performance in an upbeat, encouraging atmosphere.  As members learn to express their joy in music, they experience personal growth and increased self-confidence.  AGC is comprised of two groups that teach music fundamentals according to age and ability.  As girls progress, they gain increasing competence with a variety of musical styles and vocal abilities.  AGC is open to enrollment for any girl, grades K-12, who loves to sing…no auditions required.

The Prep Choir - is generally comprised of girls in K - 3rd grades.  Choir members learn music fundamentals such as rhythm, pitch, and vocal expression.  Active participation is based on the theory of "rote before note - sound before sight."  The girls develop music thinking skills and improve in their level of musicianship as they sing a variety of music in a fun, encouraging atmosphere.

The Main Choir - is primarily comprised of girls in 3rd grade and up.  The Main Choir builds upon the fundamentals taught in the Prep Choir and utilizes a diverse repertoire of music including classical, contemporary, gospel, folk, patriotic, seasonal, and foreign songs to build understanding, experience, and confidence.  Choir members learn the discipline of blending voices and singing parts using printed music and the ear.

Rehearsals - Rehearsals are held every Thursday afternoon in the 2nd-floor Youth Lounge at Central United Methodist Church.  The Prep choir practices from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.  The Main choir practices from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m.

                                                    Map to Central United Methodist Church

Performances - Because performance is part of our mission, we strive to schedule at least four performances per semester.  In addition to traditional winter and spring concerts, past performances have included performing with other music groups such as the American Boy Choir, US Naval Academy Women’s Glee Club, Tucson Girl Choir, ABQ Boy Choir, and the ABQ Youth Symphony.  Also, other past performances have been at the ABQ Botanical Garden’s River of Lights, the Balloon Museum’s Children’s Festival, Isotopes Ball Games and frequent visits to local retirement centers.  The performance schedule is constantly being updated on the calendar page of this website and parents are also notified via email as dates are firmed up.

Program Costs – AGCs primary source of income is from tuition.  Tuition per semester is $200 with a 10% discount per child for multiple children in the same family.  One time costume costs are required for formal dresses ($70) and polo shirts ($15), plus accessories.  Additional costs may be required for alterations if provided by the AGC.  Also, if you refer a friend to AGC and they stay the semester, you will receive a $25 credit towards the following semester’s tuition.

Costumes - AGC has two costumes, formal and informal.  For formal concerts, AGC members wear the Sierra classic black concert dress by Stage Accents and black dress shoes.  For informal concerts, AGC members wear a red polo shirt with the AGC logo by Quality Screenprints, jeans and tennis shoes.  The AGC costume coordinator orders the dresses and shirts to ensure uniformity and reduce shipping costs.  A performance dress code will be provided to parents.

Fundraising - To also keep expenses lower, AGC conducts various fundraising activities.  Proceeds from fundraisers go towards operating expenses of the choir.  We plan to conduct Silent Auctions in conjunction with our winter concerts.  We will be asking for participation in the planning committee and soliciting donations for the auction.  AGC also welcomes sponsorships, grants and donations.